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Functional Skills (Adults/Homeschooled)

FS EASY - English, EASY - Maths & EASY - ICT (optional) (EL3, L1, L2)

The Aspire EASY Functional skills are pre-GCSE. If you are at college or you have been out of education for a while, homeschooled, have passed ESOL or if you are an adult looking to sit a GCSE exam (English/Maths) and have passed EL1, EL2. Then you are ready to study Functional Skills at a higher level for GCSE preparation. A Level 2 qualification is equivalent to A'Level (subject to confirmation) and we aim to make learning EASY for you. Online of face to face.

Functional Skills is ideal for students at college studing L1 or L2...

Healh & Social Care


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Motor Mechanic

£12.50 per hour

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